Sergio Bernal Dance Company

The Sergio Bernal company, led by its artistic director Ricardo Cue, was born from the need to transmit emotions through a show that unites Spanish dance and flamenco.

Sergio Bernal Company

Sergio Bernal Dance Company qborn hand in hand with its artistic director Ricardo Cue, conceives the company from a premise that comes to satisfy an audience that demands emotions.

His strongest commitment is focused on the purpose of ensuring that Spanish Dance and flamenco continue to evolve. This is where the need to promote and enhance Spanish Dance. All this based on the virtuosismo, versatility and variety of the different styles ot the Spanish Dance and music ranging from escuela bolera, Spanish Classical Ballet and flamenco.

Combining the strengths, knowledge and experiences of each of the members of this team favors the fulfillment that gives meaning to Sergio Bernal Dance Company.

Spain has achieved an international presence in many fields of sport, medicine or art. It has managed to reach the same level or even exceed that of the best references, but there is only one field in which our country has no rival: el Spanish Dance and flamenco.

Sergio Bernal, principal dancer of the National Ballet of Spain (2012-2019), is the only dancer who, coming from a Spanish and flamenco dance training has performed classical ballets such as The Swan” or “Apollo” with magnificent acceptance by critics and public. In him the foundation of this company is materialized.

His years of experience lead him to set new challenges. He feels compelled to deliver and proclaim everything he has learned to the public that fills the theaters of the world.

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