A night with Sergio Bernal

Sergio Bernal will be filled with the spices of the Spanish night, bolero and flamenco rhythms, and flaming sounds of jota and sevillanas.


A night with Sergio Bernal is a journey through the most important choreographies and music of the Spanish repertoire such as “The three cornered hat ” and “El zapateado de Sarasate” by Antonio Ruiz Soler and and Manuel de Falla; “Orgia” by Sergio Bernal and Joaquín Turina; “The last encounter” and “The swan” by Ricardo Cue and “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel.

A show that combines the strength of flamenco, the accent and nature of Spanish dance and the virtuosity and brilliance of classical dance.

Sergio Bernal and Ricardo Cue, want to showcase and broadcast to the public around the world the artistic wealth that Spain has, both musically and choreographically, showing the hallmark of Spanish art.

An evening with Sergio Bernal is also a meeting of great artists in which you can appreciate the different styles of Spanish Classical Dance, Escuela Bolera, Flamenco and Classical Ballet. All this will raise the emotion of the audience to an explosive dance level.


Choreography: Bernal-Mendoza
Music: Joaquín Turina
Dancers: Miriam Mendoza, Sergio Bernal

Choreography: Antonio Ruiz Soler
Music: Manuel de Falla
Dancers: Sergio Bernal

Danza de la gitana
Choreography: Miriam Mendoza
Music: Ernesto Halffter
Dancers: Miriam Mendoza

Folia Española
Choreography: Sergio Bernal, Joaquín de Luz
Music: Anónimo
Dancers: Sergio Bernal, Joaquín de Luz

The last encounter
Choreography: Ricardo Cue
Music: Alberto Iglesias (Hable con ella)
Dancers: Miriam Mendoza, Sergio Bernal

Five variations of a theme
Choreography: David Fernández
Music: J. S. Bach
Dancers: Joaquín de Luz

The swan
Choreography: Ricardo Cue
Music: Camille Saint-Saëns
Dancers: Sergio Bernal

Choreography: Sergio Bernal , Miriam Mendoza, Joaquín de Luz
Mucic: Maurice Ravel
Dancers: Sergio Bernal, Miriam Mendoza, Joaquín de Luz

Artistic Sheet

Director: Sergio Bernal

Co-Director: Ricardo Cue

Technical manager and lighting design: Felipe Ramos

Stage manager: Elena Sanz

Press: Carolina Ethel